The DELFLEET ESSENTIAL® product portfolio is the value-minded solution for trucks and commercial vehicles. It helps meet your facility’s need for quick turnarounds with consistent quality at an affordable price. Our proven single-stage system is not only easy to mix and spray, it delivers a glossy, durable finish with excellent throughput performance. For added versatility, Delfleet Essential basecoat offers increased color and finish options, while maintaining operational efficiency and superb value. Best yet, both direct gloss and base-clear finishes can be delivered with warranty coverage.


AMERCOAT® products provide the confidence of heavy duty protection against chemical contact, corrosion, abrasion, and impact damage in the harshest of end use environments. Segments demanding heavy protective performance often include Transportation, Oil and Gas, Mining, Agricultural and Construction Equipment, and Industrial Machinery.  Our innovative and patented technologies can also provide outstanding protection and durability while minimizing steps and layers, saving both time and money during the application process. Additionally, Amercoat products are designed to be forgiving and easy to apply even on large, complex surfaces while meeting national and local VOC regulations.


Commercial Performance Coatings are hard-working finishes that can be applied to products or equipment, large and small. Need a custom color? A fast-dry system? Superb durability? From agricultural and construction equipment to trailers, business equipment, electrical enclosures and much more, PPG offers the proven technology and support to assure the right finish for the application. PPG Commercial Performance Coatings are available in a variety of technologies, including alkyds, acrylics, epoxies, and urethanes.  Best of all, every product in the Commercial Performance Coatings line is backed by PPG’s legendary support, so you have the expertise of a world leader behind you...every step of the way.

Industrial Coatings

Our resources and services assist customers in achieving increased durability and production while maintaining adequate stock levels.  From coatings to equipment and supply needs Color Source is ready to manage your product requirements.
Color Source can also supply your equipment and supply needs for coatings application.